We understand the challenges of navigating through the vast sea of data in today’s business and global trading landscape. With vast quantities of new data created every day, it has become essential to cut through the noise and focus on what matters.

Introducing SENTINEL, our revolutionary solution that delivers global risk alerts directly to your land and vessel operatives. Our system is specifically designed to raise risk alerts tailored to your vessels, taking into account your embarkation point, current location, and destination. By providing real-time information, SENTINEL ensures that you are prepared for any potential risks along your journey.

The best part? There’s no need for an app, platform, or software installation, and you won’t have to remember any login credentials. We take care of managing and tailoring your system requirements and proximity settings for your fleet or individual voyages, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

SENTINEL goes beyond simply scanning millions of maritime data points. We employ advanced algorithms to extract and qualify threats, ensuring that only the most relevant and actionable risk alerts are identified and broadcasted to your crew. This empowers your teams to make informed decisions at the right time, enhancing safety and efficiency.

Choose Ambrey SENTINEL, the comprehensive solution that streamlines risk management, boosts situational awareness, and enables your crews to navigate the seas with confidence. Experience the power of actionable intelligence and take control of your maritime operations like never before.

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All-Source Global Alert service, specific to fleet, route and destination –  globally and 365 days/yr

  • iStream Weekly Advisory
  • Fleet Proximity Alerts
  • Fleet Route Alerts
  • Fleet Destination Alerts
  • Alert Customisation
  • Priority Email Support
  • ECDIS Integrated ECDIS Alerting – POA
  • Wraith Closed Tracking – POA


Watchkeeper Service


Protective Security Options