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World leading intelligence-led risk management solutions, that protect your business and people.

GUARDIAN is an asset-integrated, intelligence-led risk management solution, delivering a suite of custom advisory services designed
to reduce risk to the lowest acceptable level. The service will allow you to exploit market opportunities, while satisfying core compliance
and duty of care requirements.

Developed in answer to both enduring and emerging threats worldwide. GUARDIAN leverages Ambrey’s privileged sources and proprietary methodologies to forecast exposure and respond. That response comprises of both virtual advisory and protective security mitigations



Intelligence-led security risk management solutions.


Delivering an integrated security de-risking service.


The maritime domain is a complex environment in which to trade, both in terms of the risks and the threats. Perils include crime and piracy, War Risk, activism, militancy and migrational issues such as stowaways. This complexity requires an intelligence-led risk management approach to ensure the safety and security of crews, vessels and cargos. Ambrey has developed such an approach for its clients called – Ambrey GUARDIAN.

The threats to commercial shipping differ dependent upon a unique balance of operational and intrinsic characteristics, including but not limited to where you are trading, have traded and with whom.

There are specific threats that have the potential to adversely impact vessels and their associated owners and operators, whether in terms of duty of care, safety, financial or business interruption.



  • Ambrey will assess and determine the risk profile of the intended transit and vessel set against the threat – Transit Risk Assessment and BMP WA compliance survey
  • Ambrey will determine what protective security mitigations are available and appropriate
  • Ambrey will recommend the optimal route and protective security package of mitigation measures


  • Ambrey will track the vessel
  • Ambrey will update the vessel on the threat
  • Ambrey will apply applicable protective security package – MSLOs, LNAGs, SEV, ISEV…
  • Ambrey will dynamically re-route the vessel in response to the threat
  • Ambrey will support the client and vessel with crisis response advice in the event of an incident




Helping you understand the operating environment.

We offer tailored products to help you manage uncertainty, leveraging privileged sources and proprietary methodologies to deliver original content exactly when you need it. Drawing on our in-house expertise in geospatial analysis, we reliably use threat-based information to forecast when and how a threat will be realised. Through our understanding of local dynamics we are able to evidence a proportionate response to challenges and exploit opportunities.

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‘Bringing clarity to the crisis’.

We maintain a 24/7 response centre staffed by experienced professionals, a dynamic marine crisis response capability and an in-house intelligence team to support our clients, whatever and wherever their challenge.

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A full 360° approach.

Ambrey Advisory Services ensures that best practice, assurance and continuous improvement underpin your business risk requirements.

The Ambrey Advisory Team is made up of experienced maritime security consultants across a number of specialisms. Their work is focused solely on providing intelligence-led security risk management solutions set against clients’ requirements – securing cargo, crew and passengers in changing environments.

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We make it our business, to protect yours.

We are an award-winning company, protecting more ships than any other maritime security company and with the largest number of deployed maritime security personnel across the globe. We own and operate our own vessel-based armouries.

Whether you need an armed security team, a security escort vessel, intelligence threat analysis or assistance managing a complex maritime security project – we have the experience, time and knowledge to help.

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