Whatever your marine or offshore venture, we have experience in developing individual security offerings for numerous different projects.

From seismic surveys and cable laying to marine salvage, dredging and heavy lift, we’ve gained extensive experience of providing security services to complex marine and offshore projects all over the world. Typically these projects involve the provision of security to valuable, technical and slow-moving assets with high numbers of skilled crew, which consequently have a high-risk profile – both in regard to pirates on the high seas as well as levels of danger for personnel when they’re ashore or transiting through a port.

Where possible we actively engage with clients early on in their gap analysis, supporting them through a Project Security Risk Assessment and identifying risk exposure. This allows us to explore both opportunities and constraints, quantifying a proportionate response to specific threats. We also work closely with our local contacts to determine key legal requirements and contextual challenges. We can then write a bespoke security plan, covering all the areas of risk.

Then we deploy a specially-selected security team to deliver the physical security service on the project itself, supported 24/7 by our operations management staff in the head office. Those security services could involve anything from providing armed security on board or hiring and managing local armed guards, to offering unarmed guarding and management of the vessel and/or the cargo as it’s brought ashore. We’re also experienced at providing post-incident support, such as security audits on vessels post-hijack, assistance to ransom deliveries, or protection of fisheries.

Ambrey offers top-class service and excellent communication - you will certainly feel secure while they are working with you.

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