More than 1000 guards currently work for Ambrey, trained in-house to an international standard and employed from all major ports around the Indian Ocean.


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Our guards are deployed in teams that are blended to meet the requirements of the task and the needs of our client. For over 315 vessels each month, we meet our client’s requirements for any team-size or qualifications, subject to our risk assessment of your voyage. Our size and experience means we’re well aware of the specific demands of individual flag states and major charterers. The large number of guards we have deployed on any given day combined with our broad location coverage also allows us to respond quickly to requests at short notice. Our fastest time from request to embarkation of a team is just under three hours – an industry benchmark.

In addition to the extensive military experience required of our guards, they each undergo specialised maritime security and emergency response training. The teams are always re-tested on their weapons safety handling and Rules for the Use of Force at the beginning of every transit and, as we own all of our own firearms and equipment, each of our transfer vessels has a resident armourer to conduct routine maintenance and to check that the firearms are in peak condition when our guards are deployed. We also have four villas and a training centre in Sri Lanka where we conduct routine refresher training for our guards. To keep advice up to date, we give our guards access to our in-house intelligence analyst who provides advice and notices to assist them in their advice to Masters.

These are the various ports we can embark and disembark armed guards. There is also guidance on the lead times for each port, but we always recommend contacting us if you have a shorter notice requirement.

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