Ambrey Shipyards is based at Hythe in the United Kingdom.

We are a centre of marine excellence, offering both ship building and maintenance services. Our shipyards have direct access onto the English channel. Ambrey group has a distinguished track record in the maritime security industry working with Shipping Agents and Naval forces across the world.


Design & manufacture of patrol boats and associated products

Our team of engineers are at the forefront of vessel design. They strive to create vessels that are both cutting edge and perfect for the task in hand. We put strong focus on maximising a vessels ‘up’ time during the design process, delivering both value and piece of mind to the end customer. At Ambrey, we operate our own fleet of Patrol boats across the globe, its this experience that sets us apart from other builders.

Ship maintenance, refit and repair

Ambrey Shipyards are specialists at ship maintenance, refit and repair. We have in-house specialists across all areas and can accommodate projects of any scale. This work can be undertaken at our purpose built Hythe shipyard or at any location across the globe.

Oversight and management of Ambrey’s international vessel services in the Indian Ocean and West Africa regions

Ambrey have spent the last 10 years operating in some of the world’s most challenging environments. Managing their own fleet of patrol boats has given Ambrey the knowledge and insight to design and build vessels that are ready to take on any challenge.

‘The Ambrey 34 is a versatile, high performance patrol vessel. It has been engineered to distinguish itself in the most challenging of environments.

Designed and built in Great Britain, the Ambrey 34 delivers an exceptionally reliable platform that can be utilised for a variety of coastal patrol tasks.

• Fishery protection
• EEZ protection
• Counter terrorism
• Anti-Drug
• Anti-Piracy
• Search and Rescue

The Ambrey 34 can also be supplied in kit form to be built in any destination. The vessel also has the option of a stern ramp to launch a daughter craft.‘