We are looking for a former British Military Class 1 Armourer, to provide inspection, testing & reporting of Ambrey weapons
& associated ancillary equipment, for our maritime security business. The armourer will work on land in Sri Lanka and on our
vessel based armouries (VBA’s) offshore Red Sea & Gulf of Oman. Work in Muscat, Comoros Islands & Durban may also be required.
The Armourer will move between VBA’s as part of a security team, reverting to armourer once onboard our VBA.

The Armourer will have a great eye for detail and the ability to maintain both written & electronic records in relation to
weapon maintenance & service programmes, using recognised engineering practices.

Minimum service requirements:

REME Class 1 armourers qualification, or equivalent Service qualification.


Negotiated with the logistics Manager, but typically a 3 month rotation.

If you would like to apply for this role please email your CV to